Trump blames Florida recount on 'woman' with a 'horrible history'

10 November, 2018, 07:40 | Author: Bert Pena
  • Brenda C. Snipes Broward county supervisor of elections grimaces during a news conference updating the progress of voting throughout the county Tuesday Nov. 2 2004 at the Broward County voter equipment center in Fort Lauderdale Fla

Most of the focus had turned to Broward County, a Democratic South Florida stronghold that, mysteriously, according to critics, was still tallying early-voting and mail-in ballots on Thursday. Donald Trump, who never misses an opportunity to engage in some evidence-free voter fraud fearmongering, has accused Fusion GPS, the outfit behind the 2016 opposition research "dossier", of helping election officials find "votes out of nowhere".

Scott's complaint against Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher alleges first that officials there illegally refused to allow Republicans, or any witnesses, to monitor the county's handling of damaged absentee ballots. Those returns are what will determine recounts in not just the Senate race, but potentially the race for governor, agriculture commissioner and a smattering of statehouse seats.

Scott announced his intention to have law enforcement look into Broward and Palm Beach counties at a news conference Thursday night.

Florida is tied with NY for the third-highest number of Electoral College votes (29), so its political landscape will have significant influence on the presidential election in 2020, when President Donald Trump is expected to seek re-election and the Democrats will try to unseat him. Scott's lead over Sen.

Under Florida law, a 0.5 percent margin in an election automatically triggers a machine recount, while a 0.25 percent margin automatically triggers a manual recount, or recount by hand.

"Election officials are literally just counting the ballots".

The AP has not called a victor in the Senate race. They also have asked a federal court to extend the deadline for counties to submit unofficial election results.

But Palm Beach was also the home to the infamous "butterfly ballot" that many Democrats believe cost Gore the election.

"It is not appropriate for the governor of any state to suggest that he's going to use the power of the state to interject", Elias said.

"The lack of transparency raises substantial concerns about the validity of the election process", said the lawsuit filed in Broward County.

On Tuesday night in Florida, Democratic senator Bill Nelson conceded a Senate race to Republican Rick Scott, because he was trailing the Florida governor by more than 57,000 voters.

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For this and other reasons, lawyers for Nelson and Gillum made a decision to call on the state of Florida to honor its statutory obligation to perform a recount.

"Fifteen thousand is a lot of votes when you are talking about an election of one million votes or two million votes".

Only about 15,000 votes separate the candidates.

Scott also said Palm Beach County officials refused to provide information on the ballot count, and were illegally denying party officials access to the ballot counting areas. He's asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate.

Elias is an attorney for the campaign of Democratic U.S. Sen.

"It's concerning, when you go to sleep at 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning after the election and, for example, Rick Scott is up by 60,000 votes, 54,000 votes, whatever it was", he said.

November 15: Machine recounts are due by 3 p.m.

The US President Donald trump has offered to accuse Russian Federation of problems with determining the victor of elections in the American States of Florida and Georgia. In the governor's race, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat, trailed former Republican congressman Ron DeSantis by more than 36,000 votes, or 0.45 percent.

While Gillum and Nelson did concede their races, that is done as a courtesy and is not legally binding. Which, incidentally, would be illegal, since state law makes clear that any election where the results are within 0.5 percent must have a recount. Both the Senate and gubernatorial races, where Republicans hold a razor-thin lead, are now heading for a recount.

Florida decided the presidency in 2000 by 537 votes in a contest that took more than five weeks to sort out.



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